About Us

Baltic Express UAB was established in 2003 to become a rapidly developing company providing shipping services via surface, sea, railway and combined means of transport. Its activities are successfully developing across Europe.
We offer shipping services to and from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as the Baltic states and Scandinavia.
We are proud to have a wide network of partners with terminals in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Our reliable partners abroad enable us to guarantee professional customer service.
Baltic states
The company operates a superior express line between Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. Delivery to an end recipient within 24 hours. Flexible prices and fast delivery.
Baltic Express UAB started providing forwarding and logistic services and established subsidiaries in the following countries:
·       Lithuania in 2003.
·       Estonia in 2006.
·       Latvia in 2004.
·       Belarus in 2008.
·       Russia in 2008.
We transport full-volume, partial, small, isothermal, hazardous and large-dimension cargo.
We organize delivery and collection of cargo in Lithuania, provide warehousing, sorting, packaging, customs exports, imports and insurance services.
Warehousing services:
·       Vilnius (Lithuania)
·       Tallinn (Estonia)
·       Riga (Latvia)
·       3PL Logistics (third-party logistics)  
We always:
·       Control the transportation process;
·       Provide information without delay.
Our mission – high quality of services, fast and informative service level – everything customers appreciate!
Employees – the company’s employees are high-skilled specialists with years of experience in transport forwarding. Professionalism, responsibility, care for customers, innovations and continuous self-improvement are the characteristics that best describe the staff of our company.
Customers prefer us because of exclusive attention, care for customers, flexible pricing system, i.e., personal discounts for regular customers!
Credo – our objectives are achieved if customers come back to become our regular partners.